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KEI was established in 1968 as a partnership firm under the name Krishna Electrical Industries, with the prime business activity of manufacturing house wiring rubber cables. Today, it has grown into an empire with a global presence, offering holistic wire & cable solutions. Our products serve customers globally in over 45 countries, through a rich network of 5000+ channel partners. KEI Industries has always believed in the power of its human resources. Our family of 5385 employees in various roles helps to render services effectively to our customers. Currently, we are headquartered in New Delhi, but we have over 38 branch offices and 21 warehouses across the country. It has taken us over 5 decades of commitment, perseverance and dedication to be a catalyst of power and achieve the global presence we currently have.

Headquartered in New Delhi (India), the Company offers an extensive range of cabling solutions. KEI manufactures and markets Extra-High Voltage (EHV),Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) power cables. Serving both retail and institutional segments, KEI has emerged as a one-stop shop for products and services, with its growing presence in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services domain further strengthening its leadership position.

As an industry and market leader in India, and a preferred supplier for private and public sector clients in many parts of the world, we are much more than just a cables and wires manufacturer and supplier. We are an end-to-end solutions provider, equipped with a product showcase that encompasses the complete range of cables and wires designed to meet the unique and niche needs of our diverse clients in Retail, Institutional (EHV + EPC) and Exports segments.

5 decades of commitment, perseverance, and dedication has helped KEI to get equipped to be a catalyst of Power with a global presence in more than 50 countries. It has been able to build new bridges that further took it closer to our customers’ homes and deeper into their hearts. The company has, over the years, invested in building flexible manufacturing facilities and expanded its capacities through which it is well-poised to garner opportunities emanating from the power utilities, core infrastructure, industrial and building and construction projects across the country. The company’s prudent foray into the EHV cable segment and EPC Services for Power Sector Projects further expands the opportunity horizon.

The company’s shares are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Kolkata Stock Exchange. GDR & FCCB of the Company is listed overseas at Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

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KEI has joined hands with M/s Brugg Kabel AG , a 110 year old swiss cable giant to upgrade its technology and to manufacture EHV cables upto 400 KV . With this powerful collaboration, the wires and cables specialist is all set to empower many more Indian lives.

Technical Information

Type Sizes
Copper and aluminium XLPE insulated cables conforming to IS:7098-3 / IEC:60840 / IEC:62067/AS/NZS 1429.2/ and Customer specific requirements from 66KV to 400KV Aluminium up to 3000 sq mm
Copper up to 2500 sq mm


Conductor Insulation Moisture Barrier Outer sheath
Copper/Aluminium XLPE Poly-Al/ Lead Sheath/Aluminium Corrugation/Copper Corrugation/Stainless Steel Corrugation PVC/HDPE with additional properties as per customer’s requirement


Extra high voltage cable is used widely in power transmission utilities and many other industries involved in water, renewable energy, nuclear and thermal power stations, airports, railways, steel, and other manufacturing industries. Why our Extra High Voltage Cables: Point no. 3: Troester, Germany is a well-known name in CCV lines technology and have supplied more than 250 lines world over. The triple extrusion and CDCC process ensure contamination-free cores. All the three cores are extruded with minimum eccentricity and ovality. The insulation itself is free of micro voids and has negligible moisture content.


  • Produced as per IEC:60840/IEC:62067/IS 7098-3/AS/NZS 1429.2 and as per the country specification.
  • The copper/Aluminum conductor provides excellent corrosion resistance, even at elevated temperatures.
  • Moisture barriers as per the customer requirement Poly-AL/Lead/Aluminium Corrugation/Copper Corrugation/Stainless Steel Corrugation
  • Outer sheath – PVC / HDPE with Anti-rodent and termite resistant as per customer ‘s requirements .

Why Our Extra High Voltage Cables

  • The state of the art EHV cable plant with German technology manufactures cables up to 400 KV. There are three CCV lines for the same.
  • Single-point-triple-extrusion and sophisticated control and monitoring systems from Machinenbau scholz GMBH & CO. KG.
  • Troester GermanyBoth the above mentioned suppliers are well-known names in CCV lines technology and have supplied more than 250 lines world over. The triple extrusion and DCDC process ensure contamination-free cores. All the three layers are well-bounded and the core has very less eccentricity and ovality. The insulation itself is free of micro voids and has negligible moisture content.
  • To control the manufacturing process, the line has been provided with computer-monitored instruments and servo controls. Some of the important systems are.
  • X-ray non-touch sensors of SIKORA make for thickness and dimensional control. This system continuously measures the dimensions of insulated cores. The unit has the capability to measure multi-layer dimensions in all directions, record and analyze the data on line.
  • CCV Tube has a Touch less Sag control system. This system ensures no marks/ lines on core unlike the older lines. Facilities like conductor pre-heater, core twister (to control eccentricity/ ovality.
  • DE-gasification have also been provided for the EHV cables.
  • Computerized control system ensures optimum efficiency, fast start-up, synchronized operations of compound feeds, three extruders, CCV line heating temperature zones/ gas supply and pressure, pay off and take up.




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